In this recipe, the list of ingredients included is not limited, for additional products or herbs options can be added or substituted in your beef stew. Produce such as mushrooms, tomatoes, green peas, red, yellow, and green bell peppers are a great selection of vegetables not only because they are healthy, but also because they are extra flavors added to your dish. Thyme, rosemary, oregano, and parsley are just a few names of herbs that will give your beef stew a flavorful taste. These produce and herbs options can be freshly grown in your garden as well or purchased locally. Whether you are wanting to freshly serve or can your beef stew, this recipe allows you to do either option upon your desire. The pressure canner is available through our rental equipment program.
  • 22qt. water bath canner
  •  canning tool kit
  • ladle
  • white vinegar
  • 7qt.  jars unused canning mason jar lids and the accompanying screw rings or bands. 
Sterilize Lids:
  • Before you prepare to can your preserves, you must get your lids prepared. In a pot or bowl, submerge the lids in hot, but not boiling water for at least five minutes to soften the gaskets. When done, carefully pour the hot water into the canning pot, turn the stove to HIGH heat, and bring the water to a boil. While heating, begin the next step. 
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Meat of choice (we chose beef)
  • 2 packets of McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning
  • Water
Prepare Vegetables and Meat:
  • Wash, peel, and cut 18 medium-sized potatoes one inch thick
  • Rough chop 4 to 5 medium-sized onions
  • Cut carrots and celery ½ an inch thick to make 3 cups full (If produce is too small it can soften too much once it is processing in the pressure canner)
  • Cut meat into 1 inch cubes 
  • Place meat into an oiled medium-sized saucepan
  • Cook meat until brown (Do not want to cook completely since the pressure canner will do it)
  • Place all prepared vegetables and meat into a large saucepan or stock pot as well as 2 packets of McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning
  • Cover ingredients with water where it reaches the top of the mixture
  • Once beef stew has reached boiling point, it is time to start hot packing into hot jars
    • Hot packing is ladling hot content into a hot jar
  • Ladle hot content into hot jar
  • Use a canning tong to dispose hot water out of jars
  • Place canning funnel inside of jar to ladle content into it
    • Canning funnel helps not to spill any of your ingredients
  • Leave a 1 inch head space from the top of the jar in order to enclose it
  • Use bubble remover to push down content if needed and to remove air bubbles 
    • Removing air bubbles is important so no bacteria can invade the beef stew inside the jar
  • Clean top rim of jar and seal lid
  • Place all 7 quarts with a canning tong  into stockpot with 2 inches of water at the bottom of the pressure canner
  • Add a touch of vinegar to the water to prevent discoloration on the inside of the pressure canner
  • After placing the lid on the pressure canner, lock the handles 
  • Raise to a medium-high heat 
  • Place PSI dial gauge to a 10, which will bring about 10 pounds of pressure
  • The vent will steam for around 10 minutes so make sure to set a timer
  • Once the timer is over, place the 10 pounds on the vent and set a timer for 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • After 12 hours make sure the seal is still attached
    • If the seal is not attached, discard content or put it into the fridge to consume within the next 3 to 5 days