Learning any new skill can be overwhelming, but having access to the right tools and knowing how to use them makes all the difference. Every canning recipe shared by the Quapaw Farmers Market is made with the same canning tools that are included in each rental kit. This blog explains how to use each tool so you will be prepared to preserve your first batch of food:  
  • Jar Lifter 
  • Designed to safely remove any size canning jar from boiling water, keeping hands safely away from heat. Easy lifting vinyl coated grip clamps securely on jar tops, reducing the chance of breakage 
  • Jar Wrench 
  • Opener utilizes durable, plated steel for a study grip that tightens lids effortlessly, ensuring your preserves and canned goods will stay fresh.  
  • Wide-Mouth Funnel 
  • Extra-wide mouth funnel transfers large quantities of liquids or dry ingredients with fewer spills and mess. Perfect for canning! 
  • 12-Inch Tongs 
  • Long tongs keep sterilized canning components sanitary before/during and after use. 
  • Magnetic Lid Lifter 
  • Picks up one lid at a time, safely removing canning lids from hot canning water. It also helps to keep lids sterilized. 
  • Bubble Popper 
  • To make sure air bubbles have not been trapped inside the jar, run a bubble popper around the edges of the jar, gently shifting the food so that any trapped air is released.  Convenient measure marks on one end for measuring the headspace in your jars to avoid overfilling.   
Once you are familiar with common canning supplies, it is easy to get started with your first recipes. We suggest starting with pickles or sweet corn, but there are many great recipes available! Quapaw Farmers Market’s equipment rental program makes it easy and affordable to start canning today with just a $25.00 deposit (refunded when equipment is returned). Call 918-238-3168 or click here to book an equipment pick-up appointment.