Quapaw Farmers Market & Food Hub

The Quapaw Farmers Market & Food Hub offers local foods, free equipment rentals, a seed library, educational resources, and community events. The Quapaw Farmers Market hosts local producers twice (1st & 3rd Friday, May – October) per month at our indoor location, while the Quapaw Farmers Market & Food Hub extends hours throughout the week for a store-like shopping experience.

Quapaw Cattle Company Products And Apparel

Meet our ultimate selection of Quapaw Cattle Company products and apparel. Our vision is to create products and apparel for everyone and every industry. The Quapaw Farmers Market & Food Hub better meets the needs of the community by providing quality products at an affordable price.

"[My] produce was grown in Oklahoma soil by Oklahomans. [You] don’t need to go into a big box store to get something that isn’t grown here.”

-Staci Arnette, The Breezy Porch


Start preserving your own foods with a water bath canning kit, pressure canning kit, dehydrator, fermenting kit, canning tool kit,  or a vacuum sealer. With our range of equipment, you can preserve everything from meats to produce to pantry staples. Click here for equipment description and rental procedures.


Have you ever thought about becoming a gardener but aren’t sure how to start or maintain a healthy garden that will provide for you and your family? You aren’t alone. A lot of beginner gardeners feel intimidated by upkeep and care because of a lack of knowledge or budget. This blog includes several budget-friendly and free options that any home gardener can experiment with to maintain tomato plants.