Quapaw Nation is here to help by offing a new equipment rental program! Start preserving your own foods with a water bath canning kit, pressure canning kit, dehydrator, fermenting kit, or a vacuum sealer. With our range of equipment, you can preserve everything from meats to produce to pantry staples like beans or hominy. Not to mention, you can cook your own delicious salsas, jams, dressings, and more!  
In the midst of COIVD-19, having stable access to affordable healthy foods is of the utmost importance. With the abundance of locally-grown foods available in the summer months, now is a great time to stock up and preserve your favorite fruits and vegetables at their peak freshness for times of need.  
High-quality equipment can be expensive and difficult to store, but this program is here to help! Equipment rentals are FREE for all community members; however, each rental requires a $25 refundable deposit. 
To check inventory and schedule a 30-minute pick-up time, call 918-238-3168. We are open Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.  

Harvest Right - Freeze Dryer

Not available for check out. Must use at the QFM & Food Hub. Call to schedule a time slot. 
  • Capacity to freeze dry 12-16 pounds per batch 
  • The harvest right freeze dryer products can stay on the shelf for 30 years or more if properly prepared and stored.
  • Try freeze drying strawberries, bananas, skittles, cheesecake, chili, milk and more!
  • Most food freeze dry within 1-3 days.
** By appointment only**

LEM Big Bite Food Dehydrator

Not available for check out. Must use at the QFM & Food Hub. Call to schedule a time slot. 
  • 10 stainless steel trays (16 1/4″ x 14 1/2″).
  • Dehydrated foods can last up to 5 years if properly prepared and stored. 
  • Try dehydration jerky, apples, squash, fruit leather, mushrooms, potatoes and more!
  • Most foods dehydrate within 3-12 hours. 
** By appointment only**

The GameSaver Food Preservation System

The GameSaver Outdoorsman GM2060 Food Preservation System makes the most of your harvested fish and game, keeping it fresh up to 5x longer compared to ordinary storage methods. With up to 40 consecutive seals, you can continually process up to 120 pounds of game. The Outdoorsman Food Preservation System is ideal for sealing waterfowl, upland game, big game steaks, and larger fish fillets for long-term freezer storage of up to 3 years. Its extra-wide sealing strip ensures the strongest seal possible with an air-tight seam. Plus, the Outdoorsman GM2060 Food Preservation System uses new technology to reduce bag waste, compared to previous GameSaver units, for more efficient bag making.

FD-37 Clear Cover Food & Jerky Dehydrator

The NESCO FD-37 Food & Jerky Dehydrator is perfect for a beginner or an experienced jerky maker! This dehydrator comes with four (13 1/2″ diameter) trays and expands up to 7 trays so you can dry larger quantities, with no tray rotation needed. The fixed temperature control takes the guesswork out of finding the optimal drying temperature when making jerky and the quiet, powerful fan forces heated air down the center chamber, then across each individual tray for consistent drying. The clear top cover lets you conveniently watch the drying process. Sample seasoning and cure packs are included to get started. The NESCO FD-37 Food & Jerky Dehydrator provides the drying power for dehydrating great jerky snacks for an active lifestyle.

Presto Pressure Canner and Cooker 16 & 22 Quart

The Presto Pressure Cooker allows you to cook delicious meals up to 70% faster than other stovetop cooking methods. In just a short cooking time, you can prepare short ribs, chili, soups, stews, steam vegetables, and more. Our stylish shape and heavy gauge aluminum allow for elegant convenience in your kitchen. Four pressure safety systems prevent any over-pressurizing. The cool touch ergonomic handles provide comfortable handling. With the Mirro pressure cooker, prepare your favorite traditional dishes or what your imagination desires.

21 1/2 Qt. Water Bath Canner with Jar Rack

Granite Ware has been parts of American kitchens for nearly 150 years.
It is the original speckled cookware that has helped generations of families turn holiday feast and everyday meals into cherished memories.
Granite Ware is made by fusing porcelain to a Steel core at 1500°F. The Steel core provides strength and even heat distribution while the porcelain Surface is inert and naturally nonstick. Porcelain is all natural and will not alter the color, taste or nutritional value of your Food.
There is no PTFE, PFOA or other unhealthy chemicals in Granite Ware.


7 Function Canning Kit

  • 6 pieces accessory set
  • Makes canning quick and easy
  • Digital LCD timer with count up or down functions

Ohio Stoneware Preservation Crock 1 & 2 gal. Kit

Our multi-functional preserving crocks serve many uses such as the traditional use of preserving vegetables like cucumbers for pickling and cabbage for sauerkraut, or for everyday uses like pantry and kitchen containers. Crocks filled with food for fermentation purposes should be kept in cool, dry environments which allow the vegetables or fruits to ferment naturally. Our crocks are safe and easy to clean due to our lead-free glazes. They are also oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Black+Decker 8 Cup Food Processor

Driven by 450-watt power, the BLACK+DECKER FP1600B is great for chopping, mincing, slicing, etc. The 8-cup-capacity work bowl of this BLACK+DECKER food processor accommodates a large number of fruits and vegetables at one time. The conveniently located on and off/pulse buttons of this 8-cup food processor provides better operational comfort. Equipped with a stainless-steel chopping blade and a reversible slicing/shredding disc, this BLACK+DECKER food processor chops the vegetable as fine as you want. Built with dishwasher-safe parts, this 8-cup food processor is extremely easy to clean. So, bring home the BLACK+DECKER FP1600B and save both your time and effort.