Learn how to save seeds with Michelle from the Quapaw Nation. The garden season is almost over and, we want to talk about two methods of seed saving. Dry Seed Saving & Wet Seed Saving.
Dry Seeds
  • Okra and banana peppers
  • Use open-pollinated heirloom seeds to make sure seeds for next year are true to the crop
  • Use ripe peppers
  • Red peppers are going to have matured seeds
Wet Seeds
    • Tomatoes
      • Due to the gelatinous sack around the tomato, seeds have to be fermented in order to remove the sack and are further able to be germinated
Dry Seed saving is easier to do than wet seed saving; however, both are pretty simple.
Wet Seed Saving:
  • Cut tomatoes in half
  • Squeeze the insides of tomato seeds and pulp into a jar
  • Add equal amounts to the jar of water as there are seeds and pulp
  • Place lid on the jar and shake
    • Let the jar breathe when tightening the lid so gas does not build up during ferment process
  • Set the jar aside for 3 to 4 days
  • After 1 day, drain out some of the pulp from the jar and add a little more water
  • After day 3 or 4, strain the insides of the jar into a strainer and lay out the seeds on a towel to dry for 4 to 5 days
    • Make sure seeds are completely dry before storing them
Dry Seed Saving for Red Peppers:
  • Cut peppers in half long-ways
  • Empty out seeds from the pepper
  • Lay seeds on a paper towel to dry
    • Seeds should be laid in an even layer- not stacked on top of each other
  • Every couple of days, move seeds around to make sure they are drying
  •  If using multiple peppers, make sure to label the paper towel when drying
Dry Seed Saving for Okra:
  • Crush okra by rolling palm over it
  • Pull back each side of okra and gather seeds
    • Immature okra seeds that are still green on the vine will produce white seeds- they are not ripe enough
    • Black or brown seeds will be ready
  • Dry out seeds completely for 4 to 5 days on a paper towel
  • Store dried seeds in an airtight container or a paper envelope
    • Paper envelope allows it to absorb moisture
    • The airtight container can be placed in a refrigerator where it is dark and cool